Meet the artist: Joana Vasconcelos, Versailles – France

This past Thursday, we wavered for one hour through hundreds of visitors standing outside of the golden-gate entrance to Versailles. The majority of the guests ardently waited to discover for the first time one of France’s most esteemed and well-kept château. We, three girlfriends, were queuing to see stilettos, feathers, lace and crystals. What was the link? Numerous visitors disappointedly wondered.

We, on the other hand, loved the audacity, spunk, grandeur and free spirit that once dwelled in this majestic home to Louis XIV and his cour royale… and which are theatrically rekindled by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos and her team of gifted hands. Vasconcelos is the first woman artist to be invited to exhibit within the classic-baroque chef-d’oeuvre.

Quel est le rapport entre Versailles et une paire de stilettos, des plumes, la dentelle et le Crystal? Certains s’interrogent d’un air décousu… Nous, trois copines, avons adoré l’audace, la grandeur, la démesure… qui réaniment et féminisent le temps d’une exposition ce lieu exubérant, jadis habité par Louis XIV et fréquenté de sa cour royale. On se laisse volontiers dandiner autour des œuvres réalisées par la plasticienne portugaise Joana Vasconcelos, première femme artiste à être invitée au château, et par ses petites mains.

Here are a few of my favorite acts, in order of appearance. Voici quelques clichés amusants qui jalonnent le parcours.

Mary Poppins, 2010

Coeur Indépendant Noir, 2006

Marilyn, 2011
love the stiletto from pots and lids!

Coeur Indépendant Rouge, 2005

Le Dauphin et la Dauphine, 2012

Gardes, 2012

Vitrail, 2012

Royal Valkyrie, 2012

Lilicoptère, 2012
imagine flying over the Lenôtre gardens in feathers ?

Pavillon de Thé, 2012
where was Alice?

Blue Champagne, 2012
up close, it is hundreds of upside down blue bottles that create the urns.

Tried it. Loved it. Shared it.

Joana Vasconcelos @ Château de Versailles
June 19 – Sept  30, 2012 

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1 Response to Meet the artist: Joana Vasconcelos, Versailles – France

  1. Amazing! I am not a world traveler, so I had no idea they had art instillation’s like this at Versailles.
    Thanks, I enjoyed it.

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