Meet the artist: Hao Huang

Yesterday, we visited the exhibition of finalists at Les Beaux Arts school in Versailles. Chinese born Hao Huang captured my attention with his capacity to transform insects into a poetic expression, his colourful imagination and ethics.

His message read: “the inevitable death of small vertebrae and invertebrate animals in front of mankind and his machines. Before man robotizes our planet, my wish is to prevent his doing by depicting these species. We have fallen in the trap of science, which has become our belief. Nevertheless the animal, its instinct and its existance are a challenge to science which is harnessed by technologie, and it is my warrior. The poetic construction using components and recycled waste materials may bring a grin to humankind – proud of its implacable technique… I create new animals as genetic plastic manipulation invests with new creatures.”

A message to ponder on the connection between life-science-belief.

Hier, nous étions à l’exposition des finalistes de l’Ecole des Beaux Arts à Versailles. L’artiste chinois Hao Huang m’a ému par sa capacité à rendre un insecte poétique, par son imagination et par sa sensibilité éthique.

Son message lisait:

Loved it. Shared it.

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1 Response to Meet the artist: Hao Huang

  1. Thank you bloggers for stopping by and I am pleased that you enjoy Hao’s work as well. I’ve just learned from him that he is 26 years old and originally from Si Chuan – lieu of the earthquake in 2008 which killed tens of thousands. He came to realize that Nature is much stronger than humankind… A lovely and talented being, who I vividely encourage to pursue his dream.

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