La Tour du Trésorier – Tournus, France

For those who travel at a leisurely pace, here is an inspiring overnight base to enhance your drive South from Paris.

Overlooking the Saône River and pastures of southern Burgundy to one side (view below from the private terrace of the suite with jacuzzi),

and the Roman Abbaye Saint- Philibert plus historic town of Tournus to the other,

La Tour du Trésorier is a XV-th and XVII-th century demeure turned B&B that stores up memories. Under one hour’s drive North of Lyon (yet conveniently close to the A6 motorway), this historic (architectural remnants are still being uncovered) and plainly restored home had me charmed the minute we drove through its tall gates. And it just kept getting better.

French-born hostess Sophie and ½ Finnish, ¼ French and ¼ Belgian host Thierry very naturally create a charming experience and atmosphere that make you wish for a longer stay (and crave your return to this plentiful region for wine tasting, ballooning, gourmet dining, Roman churches, châteaux, bike rides and hikes.)


Together, they keep a welcoming home of four spacious bedrooms decorated in dissimilar styles, and reinvent the meaning of hospitality through myriad intentions. Thierry greets you by helping you unload the car and carry your luggage to your room; Sophie anticipates your arrival by making reservations at a nearby bistro and offers to push the stroller around the village so that your baby can unwind whilst you get settled.

When you return from dinner, your bed is turned down and awaits with a handwritten note “may your night be sweet”.

In-room toiletries, I noticed, include amongst other goodies a barber’s and a shoe kit (rare in the B&B world). And the abundant breakfast served with natural juices from local producers is fit for a king…

Bonus: in the morning during mass, linger through the picturesque Abbaye and its cloisters (this child seemed keen!) as you listen to the choral ; bring home a cocotte or other souvenir from Babette Deco next door; or splurge at the Michelin-starred restaurant Greuze around the corner. If you prefer a creative cuisine without the stars, the Brasserie Terminus across the street by the train station is a valeur sure (tried it and worth the turn off during any road trip even without the overnight!)


9, Place de l’Abbaye – 71700 Tournus
Tel.: +33 (0) 385 27 00 47

Tried it. Loved it. Shared it.

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