Polish change for 5 euros in Paris, France? mé oui

Had to see it to believe it… in this temple of good taste, of all things glamourous and fabulous… right in the heart of Paris : a 5 euros polish change. The O.P.I “Culture of Colors” nailbar offering myriad colours is the perfect girly pause in between two purchases. The best part, is that it lasts longer than your usual manicure. Incroyable!

Another has recently opened on the right bank (40, rue des Martyrs – 75009 Paris).

Colours galore...

Il faut le vivre pour le croire… au coeur de ce temple du beau, rendez-vous du fabuleux et de la création… en plein Rive Gauche : une pose vernis à 5 euros. Le bar à ongle O.P.I “Culture of Colors” avec sa multitude de coloris est la parenthèse parfaite entre deux achats. Et, la tenue est impeccable, bien plus longue qu’une manucure habituelle. Coup de coeur.

Et maintenant aussi Rive Droite (40, rue des Martyrs – 75009 Paris).

O.P.I. Nail Bar
Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche
24 rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris.
Monday thru Saturday, 10a.m. till 8p.m. / du lundi au vendredi, 10hoo à 20h00.

et 40, rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris.

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1 Response to Polish change for 5 euros in Paris, France? mé oui

  1. Due to its success, the “Culture of Colors” nail bars offering a 5-euro color have since spread throughout the city. Much to our delight, there will be by early 2012 nearly 12 locations for your convenience. http://www.cultureofcolor.fr

    Next step, might they translate into English for visitors?

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